Thursday, January 28, 2010

Battery Operated Beauty

Ready to take your beauty regimen into the 21st century? The latest buzz is all around vibrating, oscilating and electrically powered buffing beauty tools. Vibrating mascaras promise to mimic a makeup artist's technique of wiggling the brush back and forth across the lash line, coating every inch of every lash. Lancome's power foundation vibrating powder claims to create an airbrushed effect on the skin thanks to its micro vibrating application puff, and exfoliating has gotten an upgrade thanks to neutrogena's wave micro cleansing tool. Batteries included!
(from left: Maybelline's pulse perfection vibrating mascara $18.99, Lancome oscilation powerfoundation $65.00, Lancome oscilation powerboost $39.00, Neutrogena Wave $16.99, Estee Lauder turbolash mascara $36.00)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mature Beauty

Mature skin has needs all of its own, and not all makeup is suitable for all ages, I've learned this the hard way in my career as a makeup artist. So what do we do? how can we create beautiful glowing skin, well defined features, and a supple, smooth textured finish while avoiding the pitfalls associated with mature skin. read on for just that...

Ombre Eclat

Your typical spring highlight trends are getting turned on their heads this season for something far more striking and experimental- enter the ombre effect, a french term usually associated with fading tones in fabric. We saw it at Proenza Schouler, on Drew Barrymore, various fashionistas, and its even cropped up on the heroine of an upcoming video game
. Three things are necessary to pull off this look, the necessary pre lightened locks, a kick ass color technician, and some major courage. I recently added a pink tone to my bleached out hair, and after some experimenting both in the salon and at home, I have now achieved a very interesting silvery pearlized effect. Come spring we will certainly be seeing this trend more an more, will you dare to try it out?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tight Lining

Want to achieve an eyeliner look, without looking like your actually wearing eyeliner? Better put, want to fool everyone into thinking you have perfectly defined eyes, and super thick lashes, all without an obvious lined look? Here is Beau Nelson to teach us how to "Tightline", rather than eye line.

Pulitzer Prize

My favourite piece from M.A.C's latest collection, "MAC in Lilly Land" is this gorgeous three hued pearlmatte eyeshadow. Inspired by designer Lilly Pulitzer's floral motif and retro modern color sensibilities, mac has created three distinct eye shadows in both shimmer and matte textures, that when blended create a fantastic soft pearl highlight finish. This will be perfect for the summer, so grab one now, cuz they wont be here when the warm weather is!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Alice At The Beauty Counter

Personally I can hardly wait for Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland this spring. The makeup design alone is enough to make me giddy with anticipation. Clearly I'm not the only one, both Urban Decay and O.P.I. are releasing limited edition products to tie in with the movie. Urban Decay's book of shadows, contains 16 of the brands best selling shadows, 2 eye liners, and a bottle of their famous primer potion. O.P.I. is offering 4 cleverly named nail polishes, such as "mad as a hatter" a dark plum lacquer with rainbow glitter.

Burberry Beauty

The House of Burberry has announced their plan to enter into the world of cosmetics with a line of makeup sometime this summer. About 100 products will constitute the first launch: everything from skincare to complexion, and color. No specifics have been given yet, but expect Burberry's signature plaid to feature in the package design. Chances are, for us Canadians, the line will only be carried in Toronto, though no final decisions have been made.